Hello, Bavani here :)

Hello, Bavani here 👋

I’m new to the world of design but I have a wealth of experience in journalism & communications from my previous careers.

Right now I’m a design graduate at Freethinking, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

I’ve been really busy developing design skills, please take a look.




The Freethinking Graduate Accelerator programme equipped me with the skills to become an industry-ready UX/UI designer. In a short space of time I became a contributing member of a design team.

UX . UI . Design . Skills Development . Education



The world as we know it has changed and with it the way we experience life, social distancing has fast become the new normal. As designers we are in a unique position to help make life better, which is what this Design Thinking challenge aims to do.

UX . UI . Design Thinking . Prototyping . Journey Mapping


Posh Pals

Being new to design I am lending my skills to a local business to get some real work experience. Posh Pals are my local mobile dog groomer, they offer a fantastic service and what to grow their business.

User Research . Design Thinking . UX . User Testing

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