Television Productions

Over the year I have created a lot of television but here are some of the highlights from my time as a broadcast journalist and television producer:

Marikana Massacre – Documentary I co-produced with my colleague Xoli Moloi, as journalists we chose to tell the human story from the perspectives of the families and survivors. We worked tirelessly for months travelling the country to carefully collect the stories that make up this documentary. We chose not to use voiceover but to rather let the people most affected tell the story in their words.
The highlight of my time as a producer on eTV’s 3rd Degree was the opportunity to tell the story of a little girl that suffered from a rare disorder known as progeria. Ontlametse was a force, doctors told her she would only live to be 13-years old if she was lucky but she lived long enough to matriculate. I met her when she was about to start high school and she changed my life with her positive attitude and her unfaltering wisdom far beyond her years.
When you are given the opportunity to produce a show about travel and tourism in your country, you do not pass it up. In 2013 I was given just the opportunity to showcase South Africa on a show called Latitude for CNBC Africa.
I was part of the team that conceptualised Forbes Africa TV. The content of the magazine was so good that we knew it had to be transformed into a visual format so we made a show out of the cover shoots that were usually with big names on the continent. This was an example of creating synergy in the company as CNBC and Forbes Arica were owned by the same media house.

Communications Materials Design

These were communications materials that were created for Tuberculosis clinics throughout southern Africa. The materials were also translated into the local languages.


I have worked on the design and development of several websites, including this one. Below are the websites I was involved in content creation and design.

TIMS: As the communication manager on this programme, I was tasked with creating this website from scratch. I developed the branding and the content on the site, I also worked with in-house developers to design the wireframe. Over a 3-year period, I maintained the front-end of the site.

This was a 6-month project where I undertook an audit of the existing website and generated content from the existing work. I worked on the wireframe and content organisation.